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Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions – [Wavy Hair Texture]

Our Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions is very handy, this hair can be worn one length or in layers—the natural wave pattern is simply elegant and natural. The Wavy can be altered to curls beautifully and also it can be flat ironed smooth and straight. Each bundle contains approximately 100 Grams of hair.

About Product:

  • Approximately 100 Grams.
  • 100% pure virgin Indian natural hair
  • Entirely organic with regards to color and texture
  • All Indian hair is natural and comes between a 1, 1B & 2 color
  • Natural Wavy hair can be flat ironed or curled.

Indian Hair Factory is proud to sell The Pure Virgin Raw Indian Temple Hair Collection:

This high quality collection consists of hand-picked pieces of pure virgin organic 100% Indian remy hair. This Virgin Indian Natural Hair is not treated with any chemicals or processed, this texture is entirely natural and organic. The natural color of this hair comes with 1, 1B & 2 shades, a elegant combination of dull black and dark brown. The hair is available in lengths ranging from 8” to 40” and is available in dull-Black and natural virgin hair color. Our Pure Virgin Indian Natural Collection is the finest hair in this existing industry. We are pleased to introduce this to you all now.

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Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions:

Indian Hair Factory feels proud by introducing Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions, the hair hand-picked from various temples across south India.

Our Indian Natural wavy texture is simply dazzling. The wavy texture is very gorgeous. The hair is handpicked from a single donor and our hair is un-processed chemically, treated with natural ingredients.

This natural wavy texture can be curled perfectly and also can be flat ironed smoothly to straight texture.

Each bundles weighs around 100 Grams of hair. These deluxe strands of hair give endless versatility and last long over 12 months than any other brands in the Market.

Natural Human Hair Wavy Styles:

Our Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions are 100% free from lice eggs removed manually, no any chemicals or acids used to remove this, so that the cuticles remains as is collected from the donor and no cuticles are damaged.

Our Indian Natural Human Hair – machine weft hair extensions are 100% shed-free, matte-free & tangle free. Our Natural Wavy hair is been aligned to get the best presentation with perfect and indistinguishable cuticles, our wavy hair retains its original state and lustre even after so many washes. And also it retains its original texture even after so many installations and maintenance,

Natural Black Human Hair Extensions:

There are many factories and suppliers in the market today claim to sell their products as 100% Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions and finally the end consumers find themselves the hair what they bought are not 100% natural. We at INDIAN HAIR FACTORY guarantee that our temple collected hair is the purest virgin hair which last long for more months than expected by the consumers.

Indian Hair Factory supplies beautiful, Silky, bouncy and thick glistening Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions. Indian hair various to different quality and textures as its different culture and also depends upon the region, we get usually three different natural textures like straight, wavy or curly hair extensions.

INDIAN HAIR FACTORY offers pure virgin Natural Indian temple hair offers multiple textures to achieve a seamless, natural fantastic look with available styles or go with a gorgeous new fashion look.

Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions

Since we get the natural hair with different texture naturally, our wavy hair extensions do not want to treat with any chemical or acids to change its original state.

Human Hair Extensions:

Our Wavy hair extensions can be enhanced to different textures like different curls and even it can be converted to smooth straight hair texture. Our wavy hair extensions, when it is washed and maintained with proper good conditioner, it looks gorgeous and shines healthy.

Our WAVY HAIR EXTENSIONS is most loved by many celebrities, stylists and most women of all ages across United States, Europe and Middle East.

This Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions can be dyed to different colours which is suitable to different styles. When preparing to install our WAVY hair extensions, the hair needs to washed and moisturised before installing the hair extension.

Our Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions comes with different length sizes ranging 8” to 40” and which gives our customer new confidence and vivacity and change their look out come.

When it comes to our Indian Natural Human Hair Extensions, you can take care of your hair extensions like your own natural hair on your scalp. Our hair has to be brushed regularly and gently and need to shampoo and condition our hair extensions regularly.

Our Natural Wavy hair extensions can easily blend with African American culture and easy to maintain the hair.